I Quit My Salary-Based Job and Now I’m an Intern

You read the title and might be thinking, “Oh poor thing, what happened?”

I’ll tell you what happened. I’ve made a life-changing decision and I’m excited! I was a pricing analyst for one of the top ten ocean carriers in the world. I learned, grew, made a great amount of money for a 24-year old but why did I leave a safe and comfortable job?

It all started in 2017, when I had the lingering feeling in my chest that there had to be more to life than sitting at a desk. There has to be more! Now, there is nothing wrong with having a desk job but some tasks don’t feel purposeful. In my free time – after work and weekends – I began to feed my curiosity. I made a note of my interests and things that sparked my inner-child. Journalism was a common theme in my mind. Writing, speaking, informing, and performing were a constant dance in my head. I took a chance and decided to take classes at Long Beach City College. I was hooked on day one! It wasn’t even an actual class but a club meeting for the Radio Association Club. From then on, I have dedicated time to developing my craft – which is still an ongoing process.

Why do I share this with you? I share this with you because I know I am not alone. At times, I’ve felt that I was going insane but what helped me along the way has been reading books and reading the stories of other successful people who have struggled along the way.

Am I scared? OMG, yes but I have faith that I am divinely guided and blessed. Things will work out in divine timing. I will trust myself and trust God that it will work out for good.

Now, this California girl (me) is moving to the East Coast to begin a new chapter in her my life. I will be an intern for CNBC – a world leader in business news. For privacy purposes, I won’t be going into detail about the actual intern experience itself but I plan to share my journey of transitioning from the West Coast to East Coast. Follow me on Instagram at @alejandra.salgado.rtv

Published by AlejandraSalgado

Hi! My name is Alejandra Salgado and I'm currently interning at the world leader of business news, CNBC. I was previous a working professional in the maritime industry. Follow what I do on Instagram @alejandra.salgado.rtv. Follow my blog to feed your curiosity, and learn how to improve different areas of your life through the lens of storytelling.

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