Ep. 01 – How to be Aligned and Present with Setareh Khatibi

I had a very conscious and beautiful conversation with Setareh Khetabi. She is known as a social media influencer, former Nuestra Bellesa Latina contestant, YouTuber and plant-based food advocate. That is what she is known for, but she is so much more. She has learned, what many of us struggle with, and that is being present in tune with who we are. We can get so caught up in wishing instead of doing. She points out that we should live life, as if you already are what you aspire to be and let go of the ideas and attachments. Living other’s expectations rather than yours can lead to suffering and it is important to be accepting of who you are now.

Everybody wants to be aligned, present and happy. There are many ways to get to that place of frame and to it is important to stop limiting yourself of you could become.

You can feel the present, calm, and positive energy that Setareh expresses and I want you to witness it yourself. I want you to reach your highest potential and to be the best you can be.

Become limitless.

Full Interview with Setareh on the podcast, M.I.N.D. (Meaningful, Inspiring, Nonconforming Development.) – Click here

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