First Annual Women in Music and Media Event

Alejandra Salgado, May 19, 2018

Network, Network, Network. Go out and network! Networking is so important. It’s an opportunity for you to meet new people. To meet people who are at the places your future self wants to be. To learn, to grow and to expand your network. I know it’s daunting and scary but it’s going to benefit you in the long run. I try to go out and network but it’s not as easy. Some days I can easily wake up with and smile and meet people and other days I have to forces a smile but I still try. You got to give it a try.

I attended the first annual Success Circle: Women in Music & Media event, hosted by Ricci and Nikki from The Get Down Network. These ladies were amazing, check them out at, The panelists for this event were Ericka Coulter from Epic Records, Abby de la Rosa from The Real 92.3 and Cece Valencia from Power 106. They are all such empowering, motivating, and helpful souls. They provided insight about women working in the entertainment industry. They gave us, the audience, advice and allowed us to ask questions. Questions consisted of topics ranging from making a career with music, being foreign in the U.S.A and being in media, and “how to’s” on networking. They also shared their own experiences/stories.

I’m very thankful for Ricci and Nikki for hosting this event. I had the chance to talk to Cece from Power 106 and I got to know more about her career, goals, and I got to experience the presence of such a sweet soul. I got to share with her my goals, ambition, and doubts. As a Latina in the industry it was a great opportunity to meet someone who I can relate to in not only being a woman and a Latina but a passion for communication with people and positive change.

Please, check-out the panel discussion below. Take notes and go out and network. Cheer and happy networking!


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