Interview with Mona Najib

Charlas con Jana Interview @ 7pm at KLBC (

   Mona Najib                                  CRED_+VISUAL+THOUGHT   Image Credit: VISUAL THOUGHT

Today, I had the amazing pleasure of interviewing upcoming artist, Mona Najib. Not only is she talented but is kind, down to earth, and inspirational. She is from Upsala, Sweden with a Moroccan background. She went from soccer, teaching, to pursuing her singing career. She currently resides in Los Angeles and has released two singles, Limbo and Howlin. Check her out at

The topic of the day was, “Fears = Dream Killers, Let Go.” Our interview blended well with the interview and Mona touched on the basis of making dreams a reality and taking that first step. It’s easier said than done but working towards our dreams/goals/objectives and more is possible. Yes You Can!

Listen to full show and interview at and look for my show, “Charlas con Jana.”



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