Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog. The purpose of this blog is to share my journalism journey through the art of blogging. I share my journey to help inspire any future journalist, the curious readers and anyone needing guidance on their own journey.

In 2017, I graduated from The California Maritime Academy as an International Business Major. In 2017, I began a new journey away from (Northern California) home and moved to Southern California. I was a Pricing Analyst at one of the world’s leading ocean carriers. I have been blessed in being able to travel, negotiate with people from numerous countries, and learn about the various commodities the U.S. exports around the world. On the side, I was a part-time intern reporter at Long Beach Local News.  In addition, I served as an intern assistant to Cece Valencia, radio host from 93.5 KDAY, the first female in hip-hop radio history to lead a morning show.

Now, I’m working towards becoming a positive leader in Business Journalism. This year 2020, I have accepted an intern opportunity for CNBC. I am excited, nervous and thankful.

Words are powerful and through the art of storytelling, I am committed to not only inform people but inspire them. Knowledge is power but I believe it is meant to be used and shared with others in order to make a difference. Follow my journey through #MyJournalismJourney or Instagram @alejandra.salgado.rtv.

Disclaimer: Any advice, tips, recommendations I offer on this blog is based on my own experience and what has helped me along my journey. My blog is solely my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of any organizations I am affiliated with. The information I provide is based on my own reading, experiences or feelings. I reserve the right to change how I manage or run my blog and I may change the focus or content on my blog at any time. I am not a professional on the topics I blog unless noted. The information I provide should not be taken as professional advice. Thank you.